About the MLC

The Media Law Center for Ethics and Access, originally named the Center for Privacy and the First Amendment, offers workshops and seminars in media ethics and access to government information. It provides advice and counsel for anyone — journalists, government officials or members of the public — with questions about ethics or access or related media law concerns. The Center was founded in 1991 to provide information and research on accessing government records and meetings. It was expanded in 2007 to include ethics training and to address issues of access and ethics in online journalism. The Media Law Center is the only center of its kind in Ohio and one of the few in the Midwest. For more information or to ask a question about access, contact Tim Smith at 330-672-8289 or tdsmith@kent.edu or Jan Leach at 330-672-4289 or jleach1@kent.edu. Inquiries may be mailed to: Media Law Center School of Journalism & Mass Communication Kent State University P.O. Box 5190 Kent, OH 44242.

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